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An Ift of Efts Companion CD

An audio supplement to the printed collection

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  • 62 of the 70 tunes published in the Ift of Efts printed collection
  • The demos are an excellent tool for providing a sense of what each printed tune should sound like, as well as helping and speeding up the learning process
  • All harmonies, as printed in the tune book, are included
  • Demos played by Timothy Cummings on Scottish smallpipes, Border pipes, Highland pipes, and A-whistle
  • Professionally recorded by Colin McCaffrey with occasional guitar backing (also by McCaffrey)
  • CD sound quality superior to the compressed mp3 samples featured on this website
  • 62 tracks, totaling more than an hour of music
  • CD comes in an adhesive envelope that can be affixed to the inside cover of the tune book
  • Track listing included on a print-out
  • (Though these demos were not intended to be listened to as a conventional album, many have expressed they enjoy listening to it as such.)
  • (Highland pipers, please note that though many of these tracks were recorded on bellows-pipes, all the tunes can be played on the Highland pipes. [Though a small handful will require cross-fingerings or additional tuning tape in order to produce C- and F-naturals and the like])
  • (Does not include “The Gael”, “The Calling”, “Hard Earth”, or other tunes already recorded by the Manawatu Scottish Pipe Band)
  • (Companion CD sold separately from the tune book)

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