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An Ift of Efts

Contemporary Music for Scottish Pipes

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  • A diverse and adventurous collection of 70 original compositions and contemporary arrangements, including several from the Manawatu Scottish Pipe Band’s recent albums
  • Harmonies and countermelodies included for over 25 tunes; ideal for piping ensembles and pipe bands
  • Chord symbols added above each tune for guitarists, pianists, and other accompanists
  • Supporting background information on the composers and their music
  • Some melodies feature alternate tunings (e.g. C- and F-natural)
  • Accompanying artwork by Scott Greenaway
  • Spiral-bound for convenience
  • Also a great resource for fiddlers, whistle players, and other non-pipers
  • Tunes range from easy to very difficult
  • Includes original tunes by Timothy Cummings, as well as Nate Banton, Helen Fisher, James Houston-MacMillan, Scott MacAulay, Ward MacDonald, P/M Iain MacHarg, P/M Stew McKenzie, Dougie MacLean, Jeremiah McLane, Myles Matteson, Tyler Matteson, Grant Milne, Bruce Omundsen, Pete Sutherland, Thomas Zoeller, and others.
  • Selections include “The Calling”, “The Gael” (march and jig versions), “Wondrous Love” (band version), “Gog & Magog”, “Snappy the Snail”, “The Road to Lipetsk”, “Last Summer's Reel”, “The Ballerina Tune”, “Mhorag’s Fury”, “Hard Earth”, “Poyntzfield”, and many more.
  • Companion CD available! A supplementary audio CD with 62 of the 70 tunes recorded on Scottish smallpipes, Highland pipes, Border pipes, and A-whistle (with occasional guitar backing). The professionally-recorded CD comes in an adhesive envelope that can be affixed to the inside cover of your tune book. **CD sold separately** (see Ordering).

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