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Pipes & Organ Sampler CD

Demos of pipe and organ arrangements

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  • Recordings of four of the arrangements featured on the Individual Works page
  • The demos are an excellent tool for providing a sense of what each printed arrangement should sound like, as well as helping and speeding up the learning process
  • Demos played by Timothy Cummings on Highland pipes, Scottish smallpipes, and low-D whistle, with Jeffrey Buettner on organ
  • Professionally recorded by Colin McCaffrey
  • CD sound quality superior to the compressed mp3 samples featured on this website
  • 4 tracks, totaling 10 minutes of music
  • Track listing: 1) 'My Shepherd Will Supply My Need, 2) 'Wondrous Love' [adpt. for Highland pipes and organ], 3) 'Southern Harmonies' [low-D whistle version, in G], 4) 'Southern Harmonies' [Scottish smallpipe version, in D]
  • (Though these demos were professionally recorded, the performances are not quite up to the highly-polished standard of a commercial EP, hence offering them as inexpensive demos.)

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