‘Star Wars’ Main Title theme (downloadable PDF)


The popular main title theme for the 'Star Wars' films is arranged here for Scottish-style pipes. (Introduction and harmony part included.) For more information and audio samples, see further below.


The popular main title theme for the ‘Star Wars’ films is arranged here for Scottish-style pipes by Timothy Cummings. This two-page adaptation includes the 4-bar introductory fanfare, an original closing coda, as well as an effective harmony part for additional pipers. Published here in the pipe-friendly key of A, it will sound in the originally-composed key of B-flat if played on a standard set of Highland pipes. This may be the most successful and accurate bagpipe-adaptation of this theme to date.

[NB: The melody and harmony parts have the option of using the nontraditional notes of C- and F-natural. (Standard alternatives are also provided.) These can be played on conically-bored chanters —e.g. Highland and Border pipes— with a ‘cross-‘ or ‘forked’ fingering patterns. On cylindrically-bored chanters without custom features —e.g. standard smallpipe chanters— you may need to apply pieces of tuning tape over the top 80% of the C and F soundholes.]

Audio samples:
played on Border pipes (using ‘forked’ fingering for the C- and F-naturals in the harmony part):

played on Scottish smallpipes (with the harmony chanter playing an F-natural with extra tuning tape and C-natural by way of a custom C-natural soundhole for the right/lower thumb):

The original ‘Star Wars’ Main Title theme, which serves as the basis for this arrangement: