Reviews for 'The Piper's Hymnal':

"This is a comprehensive book of sacred tunes adapted for the pipes. The compiler, Timothy Cummings, [Monkton], Vermont, has laid out the music clearly and accurately and complete with key signatures and chord symbols making it ideal for those pipe/organ occasions we are all called on to play from time to time. There are more than 100 tunes in the book including such favourites as 'Cwm Rhondda', 'Adeste Fideles', and 'Old Hundredth'. Mr. Cummings has researched and credited his sources thoroughly and for ease of recognition includes a glossary of common titles and first lines. I have no doubt this book will become the standard collection for this type of music and would unhesitatingly recommend it." ~ Robert Wallace, 'Piping Times'

"Every piper at some point in his or her career plays in a church. Inevitably there will be an inquiry whether one hymn or another can be played on the pipes along with the organist. 'Amazing Grace' is the standard, but there seems to be a backlash against the over-played spiritual. Unless the piper's overly religious and is familiar with the dizzying variety of church-songs, 'Amazing Grace' is often has take-or-leave-it status. The Piper's Hymnal is now here to help. Timothy Cummings of [Monkton], Vermont a self-described "over-churched son of two ordained Presbyterians" has combined his knowledge of hymns with his piping and publishing abilities to create this helpful resource. Not only are there bountiful scores to relatively obscure hymns like 'Humility' and 'More Love To Thee,' but he provides helpful tips on accompanying other instruments, advice on key selections, and a handy index for a piper to look up an occasion (e.g., funeral, marriage, confirmation) to match with appropriate hymns. As Ned Flanders would say, Handy-diddly-dandy." ~ Andrew Berthoff, 'pipes|drums'

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