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The Wind Among the Reeds

Music from Brittany, central France, Scotland, and Vermont

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  • A rare and masterful Old World blend of traditional dance repertoire from Brittany, central France, and the British Isles, as well as original compositions inspired by dance forms from these regions.
  • With Timothy Cummings (Border pipes, Scottish smallpipes, and whistles) and Jeremiah McLane (piano accordion and piano), the duo also known as Wheezer & Squeezer
  • Album notes include source and background information on the music
  • Twelve tracks, totaling 51 minutes of music
  • Available on CD and mp3 download (via CD Baby)
  • Listen to sample tracks below (and please note the digital downloads, and especially the CD will provide much better sound quality):

  • (audio player courtesy of SoundCloud.)

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