Individual Tunes (downloads)

The individual tunes on the Birchen Music website are available for purchase (and in a few cases, for free) as downloadable PDFs.  All tunes include source information and many feature harmonies and/or chord symbols.  Some songs and hymn adaptations also include lyrics.  Individual tunes are priced between $1 and $2 (U.S. dollars) depending on the above additions.  All sheet music has been typeset professionally using Sibelius software.

Most of the tunes available here include grace-notes and chord symbols which were chosen with care and purpose, but are nonetheless meant as suggestions and not the final option for any tune or player.  There is no reason not to add, omit, or vary what is written on the page to suit your taste and ability.

Players of instruments other than Scottish-style bagpipes are advised to adapt or even ignore the included grace-notes, since these embellishments are highly specific to the tradition and design of Scottish bagpipes.

Thank you for your interest and support of this music.  Enjoy!