‘An Ift of Efts’ printed collection

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A printed collection of 70 contemporary, original pipe tunes and arrangements. Please see further below for more information and audio samples.

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A highly diverse and adventurous collection, An Ift of Efts features 70 contemporary tunes and arrangements for soloists, piping ensembles, and bands, including several numbers from the Manawatu Scottish Pipe Band’s albums. A number of selections feature harmonies and countermelodies, as well as some designed to push the boundaries of current conventions. Tunes range from easy to very difficult, and include chord symbols for guitarists, pianists, and other accompanists. Some melodies feature alternate tunings (e.g. C- and F-natural).  Supporting background information on the composers and their music appears at the back of the spiral-bound collection.  Original tunes are offered by Timothy Cummings, James Houston-MacMillan, Scott MacAulay, Ward MacDonald, P/M Iain MacHarg, P/M Stew McKenzie, Dougie MacLean, Jeremiah McLane, Grant Milne, Pete Sutherland, and Thomas Zoeller, among others.  Specific tunes include ‘The Calling’, ‘The Gael’ (march and jig versions), ‘Wondrous Love‘ (pipe band version), ‘Gog & Magog‘, ‘Snappy the Snail‘, ‘The Road to Lipetsk’, ‘Last Summer’s Reel’, ‘The Ballerina Tune’, ‘Mhorag’s Fury’, ‘Hard Earth’, ‘Poyntzfield’, and many more. For those needing to hear the new material in order to learn it more easily (and enjoyably), there is supplementary audio CD with 62 of the 70 tunes recorded on Scottish smallpipes, Highland pipes, Border pipes, and A-whistle (with occasional guitar backing). The professionally-recorded CD comes in an adhesive envelope that can be affixed to the inside cover of your tune book. **CD sold separately**

Audio samples:
An Ift of Efts‘, featuring smallpipes [A-chanter, drones tuned to A and E]:

Gog & Magog‘, featuring Border pipes:

Snappy the Snail‘, featuring smallpipes [A-chanter, drones tuned to A and E]:

WONDROUS LOVE‘ (contemporary arrangement), featuring smallpipes [A-chanter, drones tuned to A and E]:

WONDROUS LOVE‘ (contemporary arrangement), from a 2001 field recording of the Manawatu Scottish Pipe Band:

(More audio samples coming as soon as possible.)

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  1. Jim

    A lot of really fun tunes in this book – I’ve used a lot of them for solo performances, duet and trio performances, and even a few as band tunes in competitions. Tim’s harmonies are excellent.

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