‘Chapel Hill Serenade’ in D, for pipes (downloadable PDF)


A traditional North Carolinian 6/8 adapted for Scottish-style pipes. Please see below for more information.


A traditional North Carolinian 6/8 sourced from Vaughn Marley and Tinsey Clapp (via Alan Jabbour and Pete Sutherland), and adapted for Scottish-style pipes. This tune is closely linked to the traditional Scottish jig, ‘The New Rigg’d Ship’, and also appears as an Appalachian hoedown known by the title ‘Green Willis‘. This 6/8 version was featured on The Piper in the Holler album in the key of G-Major, played on a D-whistle.  This particular setting is in the pipe-friendly key of D-Major as published in ‘An Appalachian Collection’ tune book. (If played on a D-chanter, it will sound in the same key as the recording.) For the version in G (for whistle, etc.), please see here.

An audio sample, featuring Scottish smallpipes (D-chanter):