‘Chapel Hill Serenade’ in G, for whistle (downloadable PDF)


A traditional North Carolinian 6/8, as recorded on 'The Piper in the Holler' album. Please see further below for more information and an audio sample.


A traditional North Carolinian 6/8 sourced from Vaughn Marley and Tinsey Clapp (via Alan Jabbour and Pete Sutherland). This tune is closely linked to the traditional Scottish jig, ‘The New Rigg’d Ship’, and also appears as an Appalachian hoedown known by the title ‘Green Willis’. This 6/8 version was featured on The Piper in the Holler, played on a D-whistle. For the version in D (for Scottish pipes), please see here.

Audio sample (from ‘The Piper in the Holler’):