‘Southern Harmonies’ in G, for organ and whistle [or smallpipes in D]

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A medley of three 'Southern Harmony' folk hymns arranged in the key of G for organ and flute/whistle (or smallpipes with a D-chanter).


This is an arrangement of three ‘Southern Harmony’ shape-note hymns for organ and smallpipes (or low-whistle/flute). Two versions of the same arrangement are available: this one, in the key of G-Major for the low-D whistle or wooden flute (or D-chanter pipes); the other in the key of D-Major for Scottish smallpipes (standard A-chanter). The arrangement provides a delicate harmonic backing to the melodies while retaining the plaintive simplicity of the shape-note tradition. The three separate hymns may be performed individually or as a combined medley.  Difficulty level: Easy. (Approx. 2-and-a-half minutes in total length).  Audio sample below:

1 review for ‘Southern Harmonies’ in G, for organ and whistle [or smallpipes in D]

  1. Jim

    The print quality is excellent – an insert that is single-page has the piper’s music, and the fold-out for the organ makes it very easy to manage, physically. (Plus the paper and print clarity are beautiful).

    The arrangement itself is very, very pretty. We’ve done it now with whistle & organ as well as smallpipes in D with organ. For us, we found plugging all drones but the bass was nice, when playing with smallpipes.

    *it was also handy to have both a copy in D and a copy in A – the piper could, “read A,” while playing the D-tuned instrument, and the organist could read/play in D.

    Both times we’ve performed it, it’s been very well received – and it’s quite easy & quick to learn.

    Highly recommended.

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