‘Southern Harmonies’ in D, for organ and smallpipes [A-chanter]

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A medley of three ‘Southern Harmony’ folk hymns arranged in the key of D for organ and smallpipes.

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This is an arrangement of three ‘Southern Harmony’ shape-note hymns for organ and smallpipes (or low-whistle/flute). Two versions of the same arrangement are available: this one, in the key of D-Major for Scottish smallpipes (standard A-chanter); the other in G-Major for the low-D whistle or wooden flute (or D-chanter pipes). The arrangement provides a delicate harmonic backing to the melodies while retaining the plaintive simplicity of the shape-note tradition. The three separate hymns may be performed individually or as a combined medley.  Difficulty level: Easy. (Approx. 2-and-a-half minutes in total length).  Audio sample below (and note that the printed arrangement includes organ accompaniment from the very start of the piece, as per the G-Major version):

1 review for ‘Southern Harmonies’ in D, for organ and smallpipes [A-chanter]

  1. Jim

    This is a great arrangement – tried it with low D whistle & a church organ – it moves smoothly from one tune to the next, the harmonies aren’t just Southern, they’re also warm, full, and beautiful.

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