‘The Piper in the Holler’ CD


Appalachian folk music and Scottish bagpipes are taken to new frontiers by combining —or perhaps reuniting— the two closely-related traditions.  The result is a fresh, simple, and spirited collection of American piping.


This album is Timothy Cummings’ first, and is devoted almost exclusively to traditional melodies from Appalachia. Perhaps the first of its kind, The Piper in the Holler spotlights tunes and hymns from the Southeastern U.S., including many of the melodies published in An Appalachian Collection. Cummings performs these on Scottish smallpipes, Border pipes, Highland pipes, and whistles, and enjoys backing by Pete Sutherland, Caleb Elder, and other special guests. This is a piping album to be sure, but one with strong Southern flavoring; a genuinely American expression. Available on CD, mp3, and vinyl.


  • A one-of-a-kind album of American piping: traditional Appalachian selections performed on Scottish-style bagpipes (with a slight drawl)
  • With Timothy Cummings on Scottish smallpipes, Border pipes, Highland pipes, and whistles
  • Backed by Pete Sutherland (clawhammer banjo, guitar, song, fiddle) and Caleb Elder (fiddle, viola)
  • Special guests Sandy Silva (hambone, clogging), Hollis Easter (song), Don Pedi (mountain dulcimer), Joseph Campanella Cleary (mandolin), Neil Rossi (guitar), and Michael Santosusso (upright bass)
  • An authentic feel, having been recorded onto 2″ tape, with the musicians playing together in an open, reconstructed barn situated on a hilltop amidst the Green Mountains (part of the Appalachian Mountain chain)
  • Album notes include source and background information on the music
  • Twelve tracks, totaling 44 minutes of music
  • Available on CD, mp3 download (via BandcampCD BabyiTunes, and Amazon), and also vinyl (12″, 33rpm) for those seeking that smooth, vintage listening experience
  • Vinyl record purchase includes a free digital download option
  • Listen to sample tracks below (and please note that the  CD and vinyl will provide considerably better sound quality):


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