‘Ye Sons of Men, with Me Rejoice’ (downloadable PDF)


A gorgeous Irish carol, originally sourced from the singing of Jack Devereux (Co. Wexford). Please see further below for more information and an audio sample.


A gorgeous Irish carol, also known as ‘Third Carol for Christmas Day’. This version was sourced from the singing of Jack Devereux (1910-1999, Co. Wexford) via D.Ó.Muirithe’s The Wexford Carols, via The New Oxford Book of Carols, and is set in the key of A-modal (Dorian). The grace-notes are somewhat atypical in that they are designed to imitate the vocal ornaments sung by Devereux (and transcribed in The Wexford Carols). Chord symbols, first verse lyrics, and a simpler instrumental version are also included.

[NB: The melody requires the nontraditional note C-natural. This can be played on conically-bored chanters —e.g. Highland and Border pipes— with a ‘cross’ or ‘forked’ fingering pattern. On cylindrically-bored chanters without custom features —e.g. standard smallpipe chanters— you may need to apply a piece of tuning tape over the top 80% of the C soundhole.]

This is one of over 100 carols printed in the collection, On This Day Earth Shall Ring.

An audio sample, featuring Scottish smallpipes (A-chanter, with a custom C-natural hole for the lower thumb [tape will work, too]):