The Wind Among the Reeds

The Wind Among the Reeds (album by ‘Wheezer & Squeezer’, 2016)

Timothy Cummings and Jeremiah McLane present a rare and masterful Old World blend of traditional dance repertoire from Brittany, central France, and the British Isles, as well as original compositions inspired by dance forms from these regions. The album features Timothy Cummings on Border pipes, Scottish smallpipes, and whistles, and Jeremiah McLane on piano accordion and piano. The Wind Among the Reeds has been featured on BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Pipeline’ and NPR’s ‘Thistle & Shamrock’; and music critic Art Edelstein (Montpelier Times-Argus, Rutland Herald) awarded the record ‘Vermont Album-of-the-Year’ for 2016. More information and audio samples can be found on the Wheezer & Squeezer website:

Track Listing:

1. Laridé 6 temps
2. 5/4 Waltzes
3. Danses Plinn
4. Bourrées 3 temps
5. Son ar Rost: marche bretonne
6. Gavottes des montagnes
7. Les Morvandiaux | César’s | The Sound of Sleat
8. Entre le bœuf et l’âne gris | polka
9. Keys to the City | The Meadowhawks
10. Hanter dro
11. Border hornpipes
12. All You Shining Stars | Cronos

(Extended liner notes may also be found on

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