‘Hard Times Come Again No More’ (downloadable PDF)


A popular 19th-century American song, written by Stephen Foster, here arranged with harmonies for Scottish-style pipes. Please see further below for more information and an audio sample.


A popular American song, written by Stephen Collins Foster in 1854, here arranged for Scottish-style pipes. This setting includes a harmony part, chord symbols, and the lyrics to the first verse and refrain.

[NB: The melody and harmony parts call for one very brief instance of a D-sharp and B-sharp (i.e. C-natural), respectively. These can be played on conically-bored chanters —e.g. Highland and Border pipes— with ‘cross’ or ‘forked’ fingering patterns. On cylindrically-bored chanters without custom features —e.g. standard smallpipe chanters— you may need to use the half-holing technique, or play the suggested alternatives marked at the bottom of the page.]

Audio sample, below, featuring Border pipes.  The harmony part can be heard starting halfway through the track: