Welcome to the Birchen Music & Publishing website. Founded by piper and composer Timothy Cummings, Birchen Music is devoted to offering fresh, original repertoire to the realm of Scottish-style bagpiping. If you are an enthusiast of the Highland pipes, Border pipes, or Scottish smallpipes, and you have an interest in repertoire beyond the conventional competition fare, this site will be an especially valuable resource for you.

Individual tune PDFs are now available for download —some free of charge, most others for only $1 (U.S. currency). New tunes are frequently added, so please stay tuned!

Winter 2021 update: Birchen Music is now on Patreon, offering exclusive and early-release audio recordings, sheet music, and exclusive background commentary to subscribers who may choose from a variety of pricing levels: https://www.patreon.com/birchenmusic

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