‘César’s’ reel (downloadable PDF)


An original, two-part reel based partly on a theme of Belgian composer César Franck.  Featured in The Wind Among the Reeds album.  Please see the below description for more information and an audio sample.


The first part of this optimistic tune by Timothy Cummings borrows a short motif from the third (‘Finale’) movement of Belgian composer César Franck’s ‘Symphony in D Minor’ (completed in Paris, 1888).  This reel was recorded on track 7 of ‘The Wind Among the Reeds‘ album.  Set both in the key of D-Major for Scottish-style pipers and G-Major for those wishing to play the tune in the same key as the recording (on D-pipes, whistle, etc.).  (Chord symbols not included.)

Audio sample, from ‘The Wind Among the Reeds’, featuring smallpipes [D-chanter], sounding in the key of G-Major:



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