‘COWPER’ (downloadable PDF)


An instrumental arrangement of the well-known shape-note hymn. Featured on 'The Piper in the Holler' album. Please see further below for more information and audio and video samples.


An adaptation of an American shape-note hymn for pipes. A very similar arrangement was recorded on The Piper in the Holler album. Melody (for pipes), harmony (for whistle/flute/etc.), and bass line included. [NB: This tune is typeset in A-minor and requires the use of a C-natural. For chanters that do not have C-natural keys or an extra C-natural soundhole, this note may be produced using ‘forked’ fingering and/or by applying a piece of tuning tape over the majority of the C-soundhole.]

Audio sample (from ‘The Piper in the Holler’), as played on the smallpipes [A-chanter], low-D whistle, and 5-string banjo:

Video of the original shape-note hymn being sung: