‘Port William’ 5/4 waltz (2 downloadable PDFs)


An original, entrancing 5/4 waltz, based partly on the pìobaireachd 'The Old Woman's Lullaby'.  Featured in The Wind Among the Reeds album.  Please see the below description for more information and an audio sample.


The first part of this entrancing 5/4 waltz by Timothy Cummings borrows heavily from the first line of ‘The Old Woman’s Lullaby’ pìobaireachd.  The second part is entirely original. ‘Port William’, named after the fictional town in many of Wendell Berry’s writings, was recorded on track 2 of ‘The Wind Among the Reeds‘ album.  Set both in the key of A-Major for Scottish-style pipers and D-Major for those wishing to play the tune in the same key as the recording (on D-pipes, whistle, etc.).  Chord symbols and harmony line included, as well as grace-notes for the version typeset for pipes.

**This purchase includes two PDFs: the version set in A-Major that’s easiest for pipers to read, and another version in D-Major to match the sounding keys of what was recorded on The Wind Among the Reeds.**

Audio sample, from ‘The Wind Among the Reeds’, featuring smallpipes [D-chanter], sounding in the key of D-Major: